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Okay, now this is story all about how

my life got flipped turn upside-down

I'd like to a minute, just sit right there

I'll tell you all about the BULLSHIT i had to deal with getting this shit straight!

So a few months back - riding purely on whims and boredom - I was checking prices for new tablets to replace my old one. It wasn't broken or even giving me the slightest bit of trouble, but...I 'unno, boredom. Anyway, I found out that getting basically the exact same model would run me less than fifty bucks. Bare in mind, this is a full hundred dollars cheaper than what I got from the original (which was on sale) and that sucker had lasted me a good eight years up to this point with no signs of slowing down! I didn't even need to make this purchase!

But I did. God help me, but I did.

It should be noted going forward that I honestly cannot tell you whose to blame for what I went through. I say this, because the workstation I use to make content still uses - well...used - Windows 7. It wasn't hooked up to the internet, or even the wi-fi so upgrading didn't make much sense since Win10 would offer little more than taking up more of it's now meager resources (a lot of its internals predate Windows XP). Until now:

A short google search made it clear that an upgrade to Win10 would be the easiest way to solve my problems, but I'm a stubborn fuck who didn't want to pay for a new OS. Instead, I spent a full day deleting, downloading and reinstalling every windows redistribution file dating back to fucking 2005! It...didn't work. I gave up and gave my newly purchased tablet to a friend. I was annoyed, but I understood most of the wasted time was on my stubborn ass. It was a cheap buy and I still had my working tablet.

No I didn't!

Initially, it was - again - my fault. During the hours spent trying to get the new tablets drivers to work, I ended up deleting the old tablets drivers. The eight years old tablet drivers...which were no longer listed on the company's website. Now this panic was actually short lived. They still had the legacy drivers listed under an inscrutable title that did not indicate what they were in the slightest. That's...it put a breath of frustration in my throat, but I still considered myself lucky to snag the win. I still had a fine working tablet and lost very little except ti--

The USB port broke off the tablet's circuit board. This isn't the bad part yet.

It's not, because I know guys! Guys who like to solder! Basically fixing shit like this is what they do as a hobby, so naturally I broke open my tablet for the first time, gave 'em pics of the damage and they came back saying, "Hand it over, it'll be done in an hour!" Boom!

A month later the thing dies completely.

STILL not mad. I knew a solution. Windows 10. I didn't LIKE it, but at this point, I was willing to bite the bullet and just see if I could actually get away with upgrading for free. I could. I did. Turns out that 'Windows 10 installation' was the least issue-laden part of this entire process! Think about that.

Got the new tablet, installed the drivers...and they didn't work. No errors during installation, no explanation. It couldn't detect the tablet. Windows could, but that just meant I had essentially a pen that could second as a mouse. The actual guts of the thing - such as pressure weight - were out of my reach until the drivers saw the tablet. On a whim I checked to see if the old driver was still there and maybe, juuuust maybe, it could detect it. Both drivers were showing up and instantly I realized the issue. I closed the old driver and BAM! Tablet detected. All is right in the world! I just get into the guts of Windows 10, delete the old drivers and all is right in the world!

The driver no longer detects the - no wait! Now it does!

No! Wait! Now it doesn't!

No! Wait! Now it does!

No! Wait! Now it doesn't!


What the fuck?

Yeah. I don't know why, but on its own, the new tablet drivers detect the tablet every two seconds...which functionally means it doesn't detect the tablet. I had to reinstall the drivers for the old tablet - which meant trying to remember what that inscrutable name was and finding it on the company website - and now have to manually close it and then the new drivers work. I don't know why and at this point, I am too tired to care! I have a tablet. I can use. I'm going to start making smut again!

Other stuff too, but that shit'll go on twitter or whatever...


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